What is an "Assisted Online Tax Return"?

Kovski Accounting offers an "Assisted Online Tax Return" service. What is an Assisted Online Tax Return? Well it is quite different from the DIY (do it yourself) online tax systems that you see being advertised all over the internet. Our system is very personal and is like having an accountant in your living room! 


Our basic individual tax returns start from $198* Inc GST please visit for more information regarding our services and pricing for individuals. For business tax return pricing please contact us on the form at the bottom of this page or book in for your FREE 15 min initial consultation via our online booking system (accessed via the book now button below), additional information regarding our services to business is available under the business tab on this website.


How it works:


1. Click on the "Book Now" button below to begin the process, here you will provide some basic details and select a suitable time and the type of service you require.


2. Once we receive your basic information and booking details we will contact you over the phone within 24 hours, to confirm your booking and discuss your needs and requirements, to make sure we allocate the correct amount of time and resources to complete your income tax return, we will also provide you with a fee estimate at this point.


3. Once you decide you are happy to proceed, we will email you an invoice for payment and provide you with access to your secure client portal where:

  • we will have uploaded a comprehensive client questionnaire for you to complete, as well as a copy of our terms of engagement for digital signing (a sample of our terms of engagement for basic individuals and sole traders can be found here, please be advised that you are required to sign the terms of engagement in order to engage our services); 
  • you can upload any relevant documents and other requested information securely for our qualified accountants and registered tax agents to review.

4. Once payment confirmation has been received we will begin to review your completed comprehensive client questionnaire and other relevant information. Once reviewed we will begin to prepare your individual income tax return and during your scheduled phone or skype meeting (which is scheduled and confirmed during step 2) we will discuss with you any items that need clarification and gather any additional information that we require as well as fielding any questions you may have, just like you would encounter if you were to visit us in person.


5. We will then finalise your income tax return and send it to you for  review and signing (this is all done online via our client portal, so there is no need need to print anything!)


6. Once we review the final signed version of your income tax return we then lodge your tax return electronically with the ATO.


7. You are DONE!


Our Assisted Online Tax returns start from $198 Inc GST for a basic income tax return. See here for more information regarding individual pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What sort of information do we require to prepare your income tax return online?

A: See our list below, it is not exhaustive and the more information you provide us the better we will be placed to advise you on the preparation of your income tax return:

  • ID Drivers licence or Passport
  • PAYG Payment Summaries/Group certificates.
  • Social security, pensions, allowance documents/statements.
  • Family assistance statement.
  • Private health insurance statements.
  • Schedule of work related expenses.
  • Business income and expenses.
  • Franked credits from dividend statements.
  • Superannuation if self employed.
  • Prior year tax losses.
  • Previous year's accounting/tax lodgement fee.
  • Investment property expenses and depreciation schedule.
  • Interest/fees on borrowing for investment purposes.
  • Additional information as requested.

We will provide you with a comprehensive checklist of what you will need to supply us so we can prepare your income tax return to the best of our ability and maximise any deductions you are legally able to claim. 


Q: How long does the "Assisted Online Tax Return" service usually take?

A: From the point of booking we will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your booking details and gather additional information. From this point we will require you to complete the client questionnaire we supply via our secure online portal. The more information you provide during this step the better placed your accountant will be to ask the right questions during your phone or skype meeting and maximise the deductions you are legally allowed to claim, most clients with basic tax affairs complete the questionnaire within 30 minutes (this will vary depending on the complexity of your affairs and the type or return that is being prepared).


The average time for a client phone or Skype meeting for a basic return is between 30 to 45 minutes. Once this meeting concludes if no other additional information is required, your income tax return will be reviewed and submitted to you for signing via our secure client portal.


Once we receive the signed copy via our portal system we usually lodge the return with 24 hours of receiving the documents. 


Q: How long until I get my refund?

A: If you are expecting a refund it will usually arrive within 12 business days (subject to ATO processing). This time may vary.


Q: Can I get my fee taken from my refund?

A: Yes. We offer a fee from refund service to our clients, we charge an additional $33 Inc GST per refund for this service, conditions apply contact us directly for more information.


Q: Can I lodge prior year returns online?

A: Yes. Through our  "Assisted Online Tax Return" service we lodge income tax returns electronically all the way back to 2001!. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Q: How to book?

A: Contact us today on 02 4254 1019 to make a booking over the phone, if you wish to make a booking online please use the Book Now button below.


Further Questions?

If you have any further questions about our online service offering please contact us using the form below or on 02 4254 1019.


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